While we constantly look to improve our closet and wardrobe with a variety of clothes of varying styles and patterns, it is time to pay heed to our undergarments as well. Wearing good lingerie is the basis of a well-worn outfit. Having ill-fitted lingerieis terrifying and extremely uncomfortable and so it is important to choose correctly and make a wise decision while buying your undergarments. From a basic padded bra to a lacy bralette, from comfortable boy shorts to sexy thongs, there are several varieties and types of underwear and bras available for women to make a choice from. Also, you should possess the knowledge of how to take care of your intimate silhouettes for a lingerie closet that lasts for a long time.

Types of Lingerie

  • Corsets
  • Camisoles
  • Bustiers
  • Garter belts
  • Nightgowns

How is Lingerie Different from Your under Garments?

This is a common question that comes up. It is to be understood that every piece of undergarment is lingerie, but the reverse is not the same as always. These pretty underclothes are meant for you to look beautiful and sensuous. They come in beautiful designs and patterns and are made of soft fragile material such as lycra, silk, chiffon, and lace. And hence, they are an expensive buy.

Care for Lingerie

When Should One Wear Lingerie?

Lingerie can be worn anytime one wants to. It is commonly misconstrued that these intimate babies should be worn for some special occasions, which is not the case. If wearing beautiful panties and lacy bras boost your confidence and make you feel pretty, then wearing them quite often is not an issue. As long as you are comfortable with them, you should try them on.

Things You Should Know Before You Buy Lingerie

  • Get to Know Your Size – Measure your waist size and your bust size so that you can choose one that fits you perfectly. Also, the size chart changes with every brand. So, it is vital to measure your size and go shopping accordingly.
  • Put your money in top-quality lingerie – Develop a lingerie closet that has perfect fitting bras that provide support and shape and panties that rest comfortably. So, it is essential to wear high-quality underclothes that make you look beautiful and help you carry your outfit with confidence.

Care for Lingerie

It is equally important to ensure that you take proper care of your undergarments since they are made of high-quality materials. Washing them in the machine often damages the soft, delicate and top-notch material of the undergarments, even if the machine is operated on the gentle mode. So, it is always advisable to wash these pieces of silhouettes with hand. Also, it is preferable to hang dry these intimate wears.