Being both a musician and an entrepreneur is hard, most especially if you strive to do both at the same time. But for Hamed Wardak, nothing is impossible as long as you are willing to work for what you do best. Ever since being a child, he was able to amaze everyone around him by possessing extraordinary intellectual gifts. With a musician’s ear and an entrepreneur’s mind and hands, Hamed ventured into the industry of business and music.

The Beginnings

Hamed Wardak was raised and born in Afghanistan. He is the son of Abdul Rahim Wardak, the minister of defense. Wardak spent most of his childhood residing in Pakistan, and the U.S. Hamed Wardak, a connoisseur of prestigious educational opportunities, reached the top of his class at Georgetown University and graduated there as valedictorian. Wardak won the coveted Rhodes Scholarship all in the same year after having earned the status of valedictorian of his Georgetown class with a degree in government and political science. Hamed Wardak came back to Afghanistan after completing his university education in Washington D.C., to help citizens who were suffering as a result of the Afghan Civil War. The Afghan Civil War was in that time, at their third decade of fighting at this stage. When the time called for it, Hamed Wardak came back to America and took a job at Merrill Lynch, operating in the throes of the corporate world.

Hamed’s next big American corporate/business world job was serving as the Managing Director of Multinational Development Activities, Inc. Wardak was a U.S. government contractor, building a bond with the U.S. Defense Department, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Under the leadership of Wardak, Technologists, Inc has implemented several deals to assist Afghanistan. Wardak has used his intelligence and imaginative thinking in his life to excel in his endeavors. A lot of Wardak’s peers find he is always one step ahead of them.

Philanthropy and entrepreneurship

Offering Back

Hamed Wardak was one of eight originators of the Movement for an Alliance between the USA and Afghanistan or Campaign for the US-Afghanistan Partnership (CUSAP). This initiative was created and run as a humanitarian organization, exploiting both Afghan and American citizens’ efforts to achieving the development target and acquiring affluence for Afghanistan and its people. Hamed Wardak believes in Philanthropy and entrepreneurship. Hamed Wardak, leaving America’s corporate side, was certain the daunting obligations of entrepreneurship named his name. Wardak began building his first company, where he developed an entirely new line of clothing: Ludas Athletics. Hamed thought he could use Ludas Athletics to increase global awareness of various issues he had been thinking about. Wardak focussed his energies primarily on helping refugees around the globe. Wardak used the income from Ludas Athletics to support the U.N. The Commission for Refugees provides better services around the planet. He claims that having been a resident of asylum early in his life makes him a particular obligation to help others who suffer from a similar lot in life. Hamed actively looks for educational opportunities to help marginalized children around the world. He claims performing charitable work keeps him focused on the essentials of life.

Pursuing The Path For Music

Hamed Wardak has recently started creating groundbreaking techno music, in addition to his business ventures. The stage name Wardak is Valen of Evil. Analysts find out that the music of Valen of Wicked is primal, intense, and thought-provocative. Wardak says Valen is a symbol of the honor and courage he displays as he overcomes adversity. Wicked is a sign of the darkness through which a human being moves.

Hamed Wardak merged the symbols and started creating original, environmentally friendly trance music that people from all over the world could and would like to listen to. He says it takes an unwavering amount of discipline and a broad and innovative skillset to produce professional electronic music. To remain at the top of the electronic and international music scene, Wardak uses various software applications, sound production methods, and his creative know-how. Wardak says music is a universal language that unites people despite their differences.

Wicked is the umbrella of a multitude of experiences and the current spiritual knowledge that unites Hamed. Valen de Wicked’s music is being created from this. You will be able to track Hamed Wardak and Valen of Wicked through the Instagram Online App. From there, Hamed has collaborated with big-name musicians from all around the world.


Going back, it is not an easy responsibility to juggle two tasks at the same time. But if you are dedicated, and the passion in your heart is burning, then there is no way that you cannot thrive through the journey. It takes courage and humble beginnings to be successful in life, the courage to try new things and to explore new possibilities. Hamed’s life is a testimony of great opportunities; moreover, he is an inspiration for a lot of more significant things in life.