Westchester County has several nature spots that appeal to lots of visitors. These natural spots offer trails, scenic views, and amazing foliage for visitors to relish their eyes. Westchester car service provides you transport services that are reliable, timely, professional, comfortable and affordable.

Visiting Westchester county bucket list with Westchester bus rental


Below are listed some must-see natural spots of Westchester County that can be conveniently visited with Westchester Car service:

Blue Mountain Reservation                   

This reserve is spread over 1500 acres and is the largest parks of Westchester. The reservation boasts a forest that comprises of oak, maple, beech trees, and several paths and trail network. The northernmost area attributes to freshwater ponds and bogs consisting of bullfrogs, turtles, and snakes. There are 2 peaks to hike around this reservation. Blue Mountain and Mount Spitzenberg are 2 different mountains that provide amazing views. The trails have a route for beginners to professionals. These routes overall come to over 20 miles. In Cortlandt is located the sportsman center where there are target ranges, the Blue Mountain Trail Lodge and a mountain biking center. The lodge has camping facilities like showers, kitchen and dining hall. There’s famous Briarcliff-Peekskill Trail way that goes halfway via the reservation. The mountain peaks are solely for hikers. Try hiking the rocky promontories for getting the best views to the peaks.

Flora to be observed around

  • Several biomes
  • Grasslands
  • Deserts
  • Rainforests
  • Scrublands
  • Pastures

Fauna to be seen in the area:

  • Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Coyote
  • Bald Eagle
  • Black Bear
  • White-Tailed Deer

South County Trail way

New York Railroad central is oft-trod paths within the county. This Trail way was split into 2 sections, making it overall 11.6 miles. From NYC line to East view is the original path of 14.1 miles of railroad. This path was finished in 2016. History buffs are appealed with earlier station spots.

North County Trail way

This is a multiuse path that extends to 22.1 miles to Mount Pleasant from East view to Somer’s Baldwin Place. This stretch continues to Caramel in the north as Putnam Trail way to around 12 miles. This Trail way is located and a continuation of South County Trail. There are several old structures which include Briarcliff Manor Station that currently is a public library, earlier Millwood and Railroad Park stations.

Leatherman’s Cave

Ward Pound Ridge Reservation has some important location; however, the park’s most popular feature is the Leatherman’s Cave. A wanderer of the late 1800s was Leatherman, who donned a suit made from scraps from his gathered material. He dwelled in a cave that was a host of native folks.

New Croton Dam

The Croton Gorge Park has Old Croton Trail to encounter the aqueduct system stepped dam. This is one of the most amazing architectural landmarks with a serene setting and dramatic spillway. The aqueduct is lined with a lining of trees of 26.2 miles to Yonkers from Cortlandt as a section of the Greenway Trail of Hudson River Valley.

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